Student Voice

Student Voice  

 At Horizon, we recognise that Student Voice is important in allowing students to feel valued and empowered. Students were reminded that we already have the following in place:  

  • School Team 
  • Wellbeing Team – email available too 
  • Student Voice boxes 
  • Votes for school 
  • Ambassadors 
  • Incident forms with a student response section  


To further enhance the student voice process at Horizon we launched the Student Representatives and Student Council voting / nomination process. Each Year Group was introduced to the process through an assembly. During student voice week students were asked if students had ever said the following:  

  • I wish… 
  • If it was me, I would… 
  • Can’t we just… 
  • Things would be so much better if…. 
  • I’d love to change… 

Students were reminded of the benefits of being part of the student voice group. The process was so popular with many students putting themselves forward. Some students presented to the rest of the form their rational for being a form representative. Many forms have two or more representatives. There are over 120 form representatives across College with 15 students from the group selected to also be members on the student council. Each term all students will be introduced to key questions, giving all students the chance to have a say. The student representatives will meet with a member School team each term. The Student Council will meet half termly with Mrs Ola-Craig and other College Leaders.  

Student Council Meeting Notes

Student Voice Week 28th March - 1st April

Student Voice week took place from 28th March – 1st April. Students were reminded of the different opportunities that exist in College to express their views. 
  • All Students have a say on key issues to do with school development through the student voice boxes and form time.
  • Student reflection sheets
  • Votes for School
  • Student Representatives - 120 students
  • Ambassadors - 100 Students
  • PRIDE Group - 30 Students
  • Natural Leaders Group - 20 Students
  • Student Council - 15 students
During this student voice process, students were asked to contribute to the following questions: 
  • Ideas for charity and fundraising
  • Home-learning
  • Does it support with retrieval
  • How would they like to be praised for home-learning?
  • Do you like / use / value Hegarty maths?
  • Are there any areas in College where you feel unsafe?

Over the week, students had the opportunity to learn more about the different student voice groups. Along with the Careers and enterprise team students led each awareness table, promoting the work of Natural Leaders, the Student Council and the PRIDE group. Year 7 students also had the chance to watch some short films about key skills needed to be effective in voicing opinions.

College Calendar

  • Tuesday 6th February – Y11 Parents Evening 2
  • Tuesday 27th February – Y9 Parents Evening
  • Tuesday 16th April – Y10 Parents Evening
  • Tuesday 30th April – Y7 Parents Evening