About the College

College Vision


School ready; Work ready; Life ready


Our Curriculum and Culture

  • aims to challenge every learner, in every lesson, every day.
  • develops the character and skill set of all, through the belief that we are Positive Role Models.
  • ensures that there are opportunities for all through our personal development and Careers and Enterprise programmes.


Tolerance   Teamwork   Kindness    Respect   Pride   Engagement   Questioning   Independence   Organisation   Resilience


Equity of opportunity

To remove academic and social barriers and ensure equitable access to qualifications, programmes and wider opportunities in college.

Global Readiness

An ambitious curriculum that ensures students gain the knowledge, skills and culture capital needed to graduate with options to be highly successful and make a positive contribution to the community and beyond. 

High Expectations

Students are challenged and supported to reach their highest academic potential. An extensive personal development programme allows students to build character and resilience ensuring personal growth year on year.

Strong Community

Engage with our students, families, staff and community to cultivate a safe and welcoming college built on mutual respect and courtesy so all learners thrive, Students recognise risk and know how to star safe.

Culture of Kindness

A culture of Kindness throughout the college, with caring and culturally proficient, tolerant students and staff.

Our Vision Statement

The economic, cultural and social landscape of Barnsley is changing.  Opportunities in further education, higher education and professional roles are increasing; opportunities for individuals to shape their own career pathways are growing; opportunities for individuals to challenge traditional socio-economic patterns are multiplying.

At Horizon Community College, our responsibility is to prepare students for this reality.  We want young people to leave the College well qualified and with a unique skill set that will enable them to stand out from the crowd.  We want young people to be in possession of a passport of qualifications and employability skills that will enable them to pursue exciting careers, attend prestigious universities, complete dynamic apprenticeships and play leading roles in regenerating this area and beyond. 

Our curriculum is tailored to the needs of and meets our ambition for each individual student.  This is underpinned by the College’s core values which help to prepare every student for a lifetime of success.  Our Curriculum and Culture ambition:

  • aims to challenge every learner, in every lesson, every day. 
  • develops the character and skill set of all, through the belief that we are ‘Positive Role Models’.
  • ensures opportunities for all through our personal development and Careers and Enterprise programmes.


Successful education is also about working in close partnership with our families and the community to ensure our students succeed in each School year and are prepared for the next appropriate phase of their education.  We work together to empower our students to believe that anything and everything is possible.

We heavily invest in the growth and development of our entire workforce, so they are also prepared for the next phase of their careers.  We promote ‘one team’ working hard to support each other.  We are focused on continued professional development for staff at every level. 

We embed a curriculum and culture that results in Equity of Opportunity, Strong Community, High Expectations, Global Readiness and Kindness so that our students are School ready; Work ready; Life ready

College Leadership Team

Mrs C Huddart
Associate Principal
Mr D Bowden
Associate Principal
Mrs A Saeed
Vice Principal
Mr A Arezoo
Vice Principal
Miss C Collins
Assistant Principal Head of School 7
Mrs C Malson
Assistant Principal Head of School 7
Mr B Irving
Assistant Principal Head of School 8
Miss L Sheldon
Assistant Principal Head of School 9
Mr G Middleton
Assistant Principal Head of School 10
Miss F Winterburn
Assistant Principal Head of School 11
Mr N Plant
Assistant Principal SENDCO
Mrs S Proud
Assistant Principal Personal Development
Mrs C Anyon
Assistant Principal Head of Support
Miss D Musgrove
Assistant Principal Head of Support
Ms S Harrison
Assistant Principal Resources
Mrs S Goodall


Governor Information 2020-2021

Mrs Huddart Principal (ex Officio) n/a
Mrs Charlesworth Co-opted

Governor Training – (Mr Bowden/Mrs Saeed)

Health and Safety (Mr Clark)

Nursery Committee


June 2019 May 2023
Mrs Creeton Co-opted SEND – (Mrs Proud) June 2019 May 2023
Ms Gostelow Local Authority

L&M overall, including Governance – (Mrs Huddart)

Staffing and Staff Workload/Welfare – (Mrs Huddart/MrsGoodall)

June 2019 May 2023
Mrs Green-Lynch Parent   June 2019 Resigned June 2021
Ms Harrison Staff (non-teaching) n/a June 2019 May 2023
Mr Kennedy Horizon Archbishop Holgate Trust

Quality of Education – (Mr Arezoo)

Horizon Archbishop Holgate Trust – (Mrs Harrison)

June 2019 May 2023
Mr Knowles Staff (teaching) n/a June 2019 May 2023
Mr Koursis Co-opted Barnsley College October 2019 October 2023
Mrs Ledger Parent

Quality of Education – (Mr Arezoo)

Quality of Education – (Nursery)

June 2019 May 2023
Mr Lynch Horizon Archbishop Holgate Trust   November 2020 November 2024
Mr Punshon Co-opted

Behaviour and Attitudes (Miss Collins)

Pupil Premium (Mr Arezoo)

October 2020 October 2024
Miss Thomas Co-opted Careers and Community Enterprise (Mrs Harrison) June 2019 May 2023
Mrs Thomas Foundation   June 2019 Resigned September 2020


Mrs Marsh

Mr Kent

Updated April 2021

Governor Information 2019-2020

Register of Governors’ Interests September 2019 to August 20
Date of Appointment
Date of Resignation
Attendance at LGB Meetings
Employee of Schools within the HCAT MAT
Relationship with any  school staff
Employee/governor/ trustee/volunteer at another school/college/MAT /academy chain
A parent of any children 18 years or less educated in a HCAT MAT School
Directorships, partnerships or employments 
Other interests considered relevant 
Mr BowenEx Officio      


Mrs CharlesworthJune 2019N/A4/5YesNoNoNoNoNo
Mrs CreetonJune 2019N/A5/5NoNoSummer Lane Primary SchoolNoNoNo

Ms Gostelow


June 2019N/A5/5NoNo

HCAT Trustee


Archbishop Holgate Foundation


NoBarnsley Governors’ AssociationDirector of Barnsley Governors’ Association
Mrs Green-LynchJune 2019N/A2/5NoNoNoYesBarnsley CouncilNo
Ms HarrisonJune 2019N/A5/5YesNoNoNoNew Dawn Resources LtdChair of More and Better Jobs Taskforce – BMBC
Mr KennedyJune 2019N/A5/5NoNoHorizon Archbishop Holgate FoundationNoNoNo
Mr KnowlesJune 2019N/A5/5YesNoNoNoNoNo
Mr KoursisOctober 2019N/A3/5  Principal – Barnsley College 


Mrs LedgerJune 2019N/A3/5NoNoEYFS Leader – Athersley North Primary SchoolYesNoNo
Miss ThomasJune 2019N/A4/5NoYes (sister, Milefield)NoNo

Applied Inspiration International Ltd


Careers Inc.

Mrs ThomasJune 2019N/A5/5NoNoArchbishop Holgate FoundationNoNoNo

Register of additional interest

Governor Financial Interests Business Interests
Ms Gostelow Hoyland Common Academy Trust
Barnsley Governors Association
Archbishop Holgate Foundation
Mrs Huddart
Mrs Charlesworth Invigilator at Horizon
Mrs Creeton
Ms Harrison New Dawn Resources Ltd
Mr Koursis
Mr Kennedy Archbishop Holgate Foundation
Mr Knowles
Mrs Ledger
Mr Punshon
Miss Thomas Applied Inspiration International Ltd
Milefield Primary School

Governor Links

Governors Report 2020/2021