Secret Blues of Eldon Street Project

Monday 28th November

Secret Blues of Eldon Street Project

30 of our Year 8 students were selected by the History department to work with Barnsley Council on an exciting heritage project. The project allowed the students to delve deep into the archives at Barnsley Town Hall to uncover details about the original businesses that started the trading and entertainment culture of Barnsley in 1840.

Students had a tour of Eldon Street and heard stories of laughter, tragedy and everything in between. Then came the task, to create alternative blue plaques about people and events that took place to let the people of Barnsley learn about the untold stories of the town. 

The plaques will be on display from 24th November until the end of December. Please find a link to the ‘Secret Blues of Eldon Street’ map and see if you can find them all – don’t forget to look up!

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