Interview an Adult Competition Y7

Friday 8th April

Interview an Adult Competition Y7

Y7 have been taking part in the Interview an Adult Competition and today has seen the culmination of the task with our finalists presenting to Mrs Huddart, Mr Irving and Mrs Harrison. The first task was set just before Christmas and Y7 were asked to sit down with a member of their family or another adult close to them and ask them about their career journey. The students asked their chosen adult a series of questions including what their least favourite job was and why, had covid changed their job and what advice would they give their 11 year old self. The answers then were used to submit a reflective report and the top 10 reports submitted were chosen and those students ask to put together a presentation and share what they had learned with members of the Senior Leadership. Well done to those 10 Y7’s and to all and entered and took part.

Believe that you are capable of anything and that it is never too late to change direction

The final presentations were brilliant with a lot of thought and effort put in. We all learnt something today about career journeys and great bits of advice.

Inspiring quotes and stories of resilience and hard work were shared. So proud of all of the students who presented – a skill that is so important-  and we also heard the positive impact it had on those students who even now are starting to think about their futures. Well done Katie, Louis and Daniel for your win and we hope you make good use of your luxury stationary. #Schoolready Thank you Y7 for taking part in this.

College Calendar

  • Thursday 27th June – Y11 Prom at Tankersley Manor Hotel
  • Wednesday 3rd July – Dance Show
  • Thursday 4th July – Dance Show
  • Friday 5th July – Dance Show
  • Friday 5th or Monday 8th July – Y6 Transition Days
  • Wednesday 17th July – Celebration of Achievement Evening