Holocaust Memorial Day 2022

Horizon was proud to host the annual Holocaust Memorial Event on behalf of Barnsley for the third time on Friday 28th January. The night was delivered by The Barnsley Holocaust Memorial Group. 

On this day we share the memory of the millions who have been murdered in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur in order to challenge hatred and persecution in the world today. 

This year’s theme is One Day. The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust wants us to put aside one day to come together to remember, to learn about the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution and the genocides that followed in the hope that there may be One Day in the future with no genocide. 

The evening was attended by a range of speakers including the Refugee Council and Imam Abdul Aziz. We heard personal accounts of escape and finding refuge here in Barnsley and life since escaping.  

Our very own Anne Frank Student Ambassadors delivered poems and readings showing their continued commitment in the issues, the students will be taking on more of an organisational role of the evening next year enabling Horizon to become custodians of the annual event and creating more opportunities for our students. Details of the next event will be advertised on our website and Twitter page. 

College Calendar

  • Tuesday 6th February – Y11 Parents Evening 2
  • Tuesday 27th February – Y9 Parents Evening
  • Tuesday 16th April – Y10 Parents Evening
  • Tuesday 30th April – Y7 Parents Evening