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Our curriculum aims to provide an education which enriches students’ ambitions and love of learning and equips them with the skills, knowledge and cultural capital they need to access aspirational post-16 pathways and the responsibilities and experiences of later life. It underpins everything we do as a college, challenging and supporting students in their academic, social and moral development. 

 It is designed around 7 key principles: balanced, coherent, connected, relevant, appropriate, focused and ambitious (as explained further in the table below).  

 The individual subject curricula delivered to our students reflect the pride and passion subject teams have for their disciplines and have been created with the specific needs of our students in mind. Working together to build these bespoke curricula, choosing the skills or knowledge students should learn and in what order they should learn them, forms a core part of our work as teachers.   

 We clearly communicate the intent, skills and knowledge of our curriculum to our students. We believe that they should understand why they are learning this topic now, what skills or knowledge they have learned in the past that has prepared them for this and how they will build on this in the future.  

 This section of our website contains information about our curriculum priorities as a college, as well as detail on individual subject curricula.  

College Calendar

  • Tuesday 6th February – Y11 Parents Evening 2
  • Tuesday 27th February – Y9 Parents Evening
  • Tuesday 16th April – Y10 Parents Evening
  • Tuesday 30th April – Y7 Parents Evening