Centre of excellence

What is the IQM

The Inclusion Quality Mark or IQM is a standard for assessing schools against a nationally recognised framework on Inclusion. The award encompasses equal opportunities for all pupils, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, attainment and background. It pays particular attention to the provision made for, and the achievement of, different groups of pupils within a school. An educationally inclusive school is one in which the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and well-being of every young person matters.

We are very pleased to announce that we have achieved our Inclusion Quality Mark Award – Centre of Excellence Status.


What is a centre of excellence?

Becoming a Centre of Excellence is an opportunity for schools to build on the success of being one of the very special schools which holds the Inclusion Quality Mark award. A Centre of Excellence brings schools together to share and build on their existing good practice in inclusion best practice.

Around 240 schools in the UK have met the standard required to become an IQM Centre of Excellence for outstanding levels of inclusion best practice and now Horizon Community College is one of them!

Have a read what the assessor had to say

  • The atmosphere in the College is warm and friendly and everyone goes about their business purposefully and positively. The students I met have high hopes for the future and believe everything is possible if they work hard.


  • The Principal’s Team lead the College very efficiently and with great passion. They have high expectations and are ambitious for their students. Inclusive practices permeate every aspect of the College and there has been a huge investment in making sure inclusion happens.


  • The College prioritises the Personal Development of students above all else. They want to develop the whole child and have a holistic approach.


  • In conclusion, Horizon Community College is an example of a truly inclusive school. Its inclusive practice in so many areas is impressive. It has much to be proud of.

College Calendar

  • Tuesday 6th February – Y11 Parents Evening 2
  • Tuesday 27th February – Y9 Parents Evening
  • Tuesday 16th April – Y10 Parents Evening
  • Tuesday 30th April – Y7 Parents Evening