Welcome to Horizon Community College

The economic, cultural and social landscape of Barnsley is changing.  Opportunities in further education, higher education and professional roles are increasing; opportunities for individuals to shape their own career pathways are growing; opportunities for individuals to challenge traditional socio-economic patterns are multiplying.

At Horizon Community College, our responsibility is to prepare students for this reality.  We want young people to leave the College well qualified and with a unique skill set that will enable them to stand out from the crowd.  We want young people to be in possession of a passport of qualifications and employability skills that will enable them to pursue exciting careers, attend prestigious universities, complete dynamic apprenticeships and play leading roles in regenerating this area and beyond. 

Our curriculum is tailored to the needs of and meets our ambition for each individual student.  This is underpinned by the College’s core values which help to prepare every student for a lifetime of success.  Our Curriculum and Culture ambition:​​

  • aims to challenge every learner, in every lesson, every day. 
  • develops the character and skill set of all, through the belief that we are ‘Positive Role Models’.
  • ensures opportunities for all through our personal development and Careers and Enterprise programmes.

Successful education is also about working in close partnership with our families and the community to ensure our students succeed in each School year and are prepared for the next appropriate phase of their education.  We work together to empower our students to believe that anything and everything is possible.

We heavily invest in the growth and development of our entire workforce, so they are also prepared for the next phase of their careers.  We promote ‘one team’ working hard to support each other.  We are focused on continued professional development for staff at every level. 

We embed a curriculum and culture that results in Equity of Opportunity, Strong Community, High Expectations, Global Readiness and Kindness so that our students are School Ready; Work Ready; Life Ready. 

Mrs. C. Huddart