You will already be aware that we now have Microsoft Teams as our online learning platform, to support your child in learning from home and accessing lessons remotely where necessary.


As part of this, teachers are uploading lessons, activities and other resources to Microsoft Teams so that your child can access these remotely if needed (for example if they were ill), and be able to keep up with the class’ progress through the curriculum. As students have been taking exercise books home, we would recommend they work in their books for each of their lessons. In the event of a child having to self-isolate from school, where it is appropriate to do so, they will be able to access their lessons live through Microsoft Teams. This will allow them to access the expert input from their teachers, view presentation materials and ask questions to address any misconceptions as they would in the physical classroom. Further information regarding this will be sent to parents and students when it is required.


All year groups have now had training in college on how to use Teams and, through form time, all students have been set an activity on Microsoft Teams, which will help inform us of any further support your child needs to be confident with using the system.


Teams can be used on tablets, phones, desktops and laptops and other internet connected devices. For tablets and phones, we recommend that you or your child downloads the Teams app via the App Store or Google Play Store. This will give them direct access to their class resources – see the Useful Guides section for more details. Otherwise, Teams can be accessed through an internet browser following this link: – students can sign in using their Horizon log in details. Further step-by-step guidance on how to use Teams on different devices can be accessed using the links in the ‘Useful Guides’ section of this page.


In the Useful Videos section, there is guidance for students to support them to access Teams.

 Your child can also access further support on Teams through the ELearning Student Hub, by following these steps:

  • Going to
  • Clicking on Students’ Hub
  • Using their Horizon log in details if necessary
  • Clicking on the eLearning Student Hub


The Students’ Hub also has a range of resources to further support learning at home, including Knowledge Organisers for each subject, revision hubs for Y10 and Y11 and much more.


If your child requires a reminder of their login details, a password reset or require technical support in using Teams, then you are welcome to contact stating your child’s name, your child’s year group and a brief explanation of the support required, along with any screenshots if you have them.


If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact the school via