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Child Development

Year 10

Half termContent & Assessment
Autumn half term 1LO3 –Understand postnatal checks, postnatal provision and conditions for development. Assessment 1.
Autumn half term 2LO4 – Understand how to recognise, manage and prevent childhood illnesses. Assessment 2. Coursework RO19 –Functions/sources of macro & micronutrients and other dietary requirements.
Spring half term 1LO2 –Understand antenatal care and preparation for birth. Assessment 3. Coursework RO19 – Nutritional requirements of children from birth to five years.
Spring half term 2Coursework RO19 – Feeding solutions for babies 0-6 months
Summer half term 1Coursework RO19 – understand key factors when choosing equipment from birth to age 5.
Summer half term 2LO1 –Understand the roles and responsibilities of parenthood. Coursework practical assessment - preparing a bottle feed for a baby age 0-6 months.

Year 11

Half termContent & Assessment
Autumn half term 1LO1 – Understand reproduction. Assessment 1. LO5 – Know about child safety
Autumn half term 2Coursework RO20 –Understand the physical, intellectual and social developmental norms age 0-5 years. Initial introductory visit of child to be carried out.
Spring half term 1Coursework RO20 – Understand the benefits of learning through play. Plan 2 play activities for a chosen developmental area. Carry out first activity with child. External examination – January.
Spring half term 2Coursework RO20 -Carry out second activity. Evaluate child’s development.
Summer half term 1Revision/coursework completion.
Summer half term 2