Horizon Community College Local Governing Body Governor links

GovernorStaff LinkLink Area
Margaret GostelowClaire HuddartL&M overall including governance
Cathy CollinsBehaviour and Attitudes
Claire HuddartOutcomes
Kay ThomasDave Bowden / Phil StoreyPupil Premium
Claire Huddart / Sally GoodallStaffing and staff workload/welfare
Claire HuddartOutcomes
Emma ThomasSarah HarrisonCareers and Community Enterprise
Maria Green-LynchAfshah SaeedSafeguarding
Sandra CreetonPhil Storey / Sam ProudSEND
Elaine CharlesworthDave Bowden / Afshah SaeedGovernor training
Ash ClarkeH&S
Sue WoodNursery Committee
Karen CooperPolicies
Dave KennedyAmir Arezoo/ Adam woodQuality of Education
Horizon Archbishop Holgate Trust
Claire LedgerAmir Arezoo /Adam WoodQuality of Education
Sue WoodQuality of Education (nursery)
Yiannis Koursis