Horizon Community College has a rapidly-growing, significant and diverse EAL student population, which is a new trend within Barnsley MBC. Our ethos promotes a welcoming, inclusive, safe and stress-free environment within College and the students’ bilingualism (and sometimes multilingualism) is recognised as a positive part of their intellectual development.

We provide additional opportunities for the students to use their home language to support their learning and development of English together with promoting British Values.

New Arrivals

All new arrivals including refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants from overseas have the right to enjoy a welcoming, inclusive, safe and stress-free environment within College. Horizon Community College promotes a cohesive, inclusive admissions process and a common induction programme to ensure they settle swiftly and engage fully in the College community.

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Introduction to English

EAL students are initially assessed for their English language ability using the Oxford Online Placement Test. Individual plans are subsequently put in place for appropriate, targeted language support if the assessment identifies a specific need. EAL students are taught by a specialised team following the Headway English course.

Review Meeting

EAL induction review meeting are arranged with parents/carers, School Team and EAL Co-ordinator 6-8 weeks after the new arrival has started. The review meeting is to ensure an effective home-school partnership is established, tackle any anxieties and assess the student’s further needs.

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