Task – Digital Illustration. (Design a poster)

The brief: Design an A4 Cyber poster for ‘Cyber Week’


You have full creative freedom and can decide details such as when, where and who is involved.

Techniques/skills to include:

  • The creative use of appropriate images to reflect a cyber event
  • The creative use of colours to reflect a cyber event
  • A typographic composition which pairs at least to typefaces (fonts)
  • Be as creative as possible reflecting which software you will use

In a professional design studio, a poster like this would be created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Indesign. For this task you can use these applications or Microsoft Word, Powerpoint of any other design software of your choice.

Helpful Hints/Resources:

  • Try to source images which emphasise the cyber theme
  • Pair fonts which compliment each other well and suit the overall message of your design
  • For great free stock have a look either this site or this site
  • In need of a few typefaces? Try here or here


Complete and export your final poster as a .jpg file

Useful Videos

In need of a little Inspiration?

Here’s some useful references to kick start your creative ideas. Keep in mind that they are just to get you thinking. We don’t want to see them replicated.